You are reaching for articles that were proven untrue. Lester not only never said any of that, they also wrote that he was racist because of his South African heritage. You can find old articles stating he support his nations Apartheid rule. Only problem is he never lived there, he was born and raised in England, to which he was deported after his prison time.
Al Sharpton tied a court officer to the killing, because his car hit one of the men running away. He was vindicated, although not by Sharpton and certain news outlets, like the Caribbean news which Moe went far ou too his way to Dig up.
You 2 are pathetic, trying to fight the Gotti likeablility thing by tying him and people who support him to a racial incident. You 2 disgust me. I would never support anyone saying that the police were behind it ( as was also printed back then) to make. point, I would not as I mentioned say the police were behind a lynching because a police captains son was the leader and got off. And for the last time, they were not Gotti supporters, I am sick of you 2 alternating with lies and BS, using race to make points, and teaming up in arguments. I will stop posting, you 2 and your lies and crap and false peace offering are tiresome.

You 2 win, I will stop posting fuck the 2 of you. . You bring up race to make a point, in a sick way, screw you both. BYE!

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