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May 27th, 2012
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General Discussion / Other
2 hours ago
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers - "I Want You to Be My Girl"
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Organized Crime - Real Life
7 hours ago

When The Apparent Suicide Of ‘God’s Banker,’ Roberto Calvi, Was Ruled A Murder
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Organized Crime - Real Life
7 hours ago
Criminal gangs infiltrating Dutch police, according to justice ministry
A confidential report from the Ministry of Justice reveals that Dutch police have been infiltrated by organised crime, with officials admitting that the cases under investigation may just be the “tip of the iceberg”.

Dozens of police officers have been dismissed in recent weeks as a result of investigations into corruption and breach of secrecy, according to a report obtained by the newspaper Algameen Dagblad, which revealed that police divisions across the country have been infiltrated by criminal groups

In July, the daily revealed that the gang led by Ridouan Taghi, who is being tried for drug trafficking and organising a number of gangland murders, had links with a senior officer from Utrecht.

Following an investigation, the officer was fired.

In Limburg, a senior officer was suspended for “potentially unprofessional behavior”, and three members of the team were dismissed following an investigation into four other police officers who were suspended in April.

A 55-year-old member of the Amsterdam Police Division was also suspended and arrested in July for possession of hard drugs, document fraud, manipulation of state computers and disclosure of confidential information.

In the central region of the Netherlands, nineteen police officers are accused of being linked to organised crime.

Other investigations into similar cases are ongoing.

Jan Struijs, President of the NPD Police Union, has called for much more be done to prevent police from being recruited by criminal groups.

“Our colleagues are approached by criminals. This occurs at all levels. Officers must be trained to handle this responsibly,” he said.

A Dutch justice ministry report published in 2017 and seen by the Guardian revealed that about 40 percent of “professional integrity breaches” in the police concerned officers with an immigrant background, who make up 7 percent of police personnel.

The report concluded that officers from immigrant communities were more likely to be approached by criminals offering to recruit them due to the “relatively greater level of involvement of some ethnic groups” in criminal activity, and the extended networks and complex loyalties of immigrant families.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by Serpiente
Originally Posted by Neo
Originally Posted by Serpiente
Originally Posted by thebigfella
You can't throw the boss under the bus like that and why in the hell was an undergoes was sent to collect a book??? I don't think Allie boy was too smart

True but the attorney wouldn’t word shit like we do and it happens all the time, then there Jackie being family.

How differently can an attorney word it?

"Somebody else...I'm not saying who.....just somebody else.....sent word to my client to visit Mr Cutolo's wife and collect his shy book."

There is only so many people that can order a capo (at the time) like DeRoss to do something. One is Allie and the other is Cutolo (who obviously was dead at that point).

I get what you are saying but it happens in that life more then you think and even if it two solders or nightclub owner most time one of them have the books and many times it just so happens that many are not involved in the murder or disappearance , so yeah you can spin it different ways .

Give me an example of someone that got given money-making rackets of guy that just got hit, even though they had no involvement in the hit? I can't think of anyone who got given money-making rackets of a dead man even though they weren't involved in the hit.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 08:51 PM
'Ndrangheta, detainee attempts suicide in L'Aquila
Calabrese recluse to 41bis saved by the agents

Sun, 08/25/2019 - 19:38
Reading time:
1 minute 9 seconds
He had tried to take his own life by hanging himself in a cell in the prison of L'Aquila and he would have succeeded had it not been for the timely and effective intervention before the prison police officers and then by the health personnel. According to the Uil Pa Polizia Penitenziaria Abruzzo, the prisoner, of Calabrian origin and restricted to the special 41bis regime, had almost died when the agents arrived and was saved in extremis: «The resuscitation work carried out by the personal intervened so much to be able to say that if a victim was not counted at the Costarelle prison it is due to the high professionalism possessed by the operators involved ».

"The Uil - underlines the deputy secretary of the Abruzzese union Mauro Nardella - complimenting his colleagues he returns to denounce the condition in which the prison of the Aquila pays above all in order to the excessive presence of prisoners among the most dangerous of Italy. The prison of L'Aquila, in fact, holds the highest number of prisoners subjected to the 41 bis of Italy (160). However, it is not enough to see the attention given to it by the Ministry of Justice, especially with regard to the impossibility of guaranteeing a sufficient number of seats in the officers' barracks. Agents forced to stay overnight elsewhere and therefore unable to intervene if, as in the case in question, one feels the need to have to provide in case of absolute emergency ».
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The Sopranos
Yesterday at 07:26 PM
Because all good things must come to an end.
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BB Word Games
Yesterday at 07:14 PM
A: Kramer to Jerry about Puddy going to Europe with Elaine.

You can post one
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BB Word Games
Yesterday at 07:14 PM
who will do
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Other Mob Films/Books/TV
Yesterday at 07:13 PM
The movie wasn't good (and I like both Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss). Story was clunky and didn't flesh out the characters enough.
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Yesterday at 04:39 PM
Liverpool played great and won.

Man Utd. Should never lose to Palace at home.
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 03:14 PM
at the end i just had a swim
now i'm home and about to play batman arkham knight
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:31 AM
The Bandidos had this year's National Run in Spain. It's interesting considering the alleged split between the American Bandidos and Europe that El Presidente of the United States was present.
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