2nd post here, [quote=Turnbull]Many people on these boards, especially younger people, ask questions or make statements about Mob life that are often myths--not realities. I'd like to start a thread that helps clear up the myths. I'll post occasionally, and ask you to post your own ideas, thoughts, explanations. Here's the first:


TurnBull, oh so very succinct, Greed, Fear, Violence, Good Thread.

I'll bite, for those whom never experienced sitting in a social club, let's say on Bath Ave, playing Gin or Pinochle for hours on end, air thick with cigarette smoke and Di Nobili cigars, every one there is in various stages of doing scores, gettin swag, planning to score and planning to sell cases of Jeans pilfered from Brooklyn West UPS

Then a unnamed persona who's club it is states that there is an open hit for let's say " Micheal Miccio" (Really Happened 80's) and if you eyeball him you need to do some work. Not the work most folks do but nasty,violent acts that is part of being in a crew, "low totem on the man pole" Some guy's have a knack, a calling so to speak, a good example Tommy Karate, brutal.....Roy Demeo and all those crazy kids from canarsie.

Oh and let's not forget US Attorneys, AUSA'S and FBI and OCCB. These folks will lead you to housing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, for me, MCCNY,MDCNY, Lewisburg,Allenwood FCI and LOW. Otisville too, did a bullet at gladiator school Rikers Island C- 95 ,C76,HDM and West Facility during the crack wars of the 90's....... waste of time.......

Movies are just that, movies
Since the Godfather Movie a weird dynamic happens, do the street guys emulate the movies?

The only mob myth I know is John Franceze, almost 100 and active..................a mob xman

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