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For the record thier are Jewish gangsters and if he wants to talk about them just like we talk about black and Italian gangsters I see nothing wrong with it. The truth of the matter is Jews have been deeply rooted in organized crime since Myer lansky! Admitting that truth don't make you an nazi

Of course there were/are Jewish gangsters.

Thats not why I used the term Nazi, which definitely isn't something I throw out lightly. But when you start to use sources like 'Jew Watch', it speaks for itself.

guess Im summoned and a topic with this, so I will respond.

A poster asked why Jews are so hated under the Irish/Italian thread. I quoted Henry Ford, and I also quoted Al Goldstein, Porn Mogul.
I also linked a story On The Bronfman Crime Family from Jewwatch.
I thought that I had explained that Jewwatch was simply a repository, that catalogues news and stories. The site owner is a Librarian with a Masters Degree.
The citation and links on that site came from Seagrams, Slate, Farrakhan Interview, and other places.
Some took and take issue with it. For hurting their feelings, Im sorry.

This site is hopefully an educational site, and I thought that good information was valued.
If you want to equate truth with nazism or any other kind of ism, I suppose thats your right, and Ill be sensitive to that going forward.
Not trying to rustle anyones shorts. Some are wound very tight, but i suppose being a new poster, im suspect.
I have a jewish aunt, who is a great lady, and the only one to make it with my uncle, divroced 3x and an asshole. My best friends wife is jewish. Great lady.
Again, Im sorry for upsetting any members.

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