So Bronfman owns AIRPORT Security......Drug trafficking mastermind.

Mitchell Bronfman: Montreal man of unlikely intrigue and mystery


The title might not seem a natural fit for Bronfman, who died two years ago at age 80, as he had the sex appeal of a head of wilted Romaine lettuce (and about as much hair - Chimples) Though he might not come off as a man of action or intrigue, Bronfman, remarkably, had one degree of separation, from Italian mobsters, Jewish Mafia, the airline industry, pump and dump stock market fraudsters, airport drug crooks, corrupt RCMP and FLQ terrorists.
His name came up in just about every scandal, even though he looked incapable of villainy of any sort.
His legacy has never been clearly resolved. French media cited RCMP reports suggesting that he might have been in on a big ring of drug importers at the airport.

Psychologists could tell you that it's more psychologically healthy to be raised poor among the poor than be raised merely comfortable in an environment of people who are much richer than yourself. So unlike many other Bronfmans, Mitchell had to hustle. To his credit he started businesses here in Montreal and employed people and so forth.
He reportedly owned a restaurant downtown and started an airport service for luxury seeking passengers. He also started a company called Securex which helped do security at the Airport. Bronfman's main troubles stemmed from doing business with Willie Obront, who was a butcher but also the mastermind behind legitimatizing, reinvesting and laundering Mafia cash.The RCMP noted that Mitchell Bronfman was very close to Obront.

Bronfman claimed that he was not close to Obront, who may or may not be still alive nowadays in Florida, he'd be in his 90s.
Donald McLeery. The unusual chain went something like this: Italian Mafia (Frank Cotroni)- Jewish Mafia (money launderer Willie Obront) - Mitchell Bronfman - RCMP anti terrorism squad (McLeery) - FLQ.
Bronfman was called to testify at the crime commission and answered questions about how his cash managed to get put into fraudulent pump and dump penny oil stock New Gateway Oils and Ministers Ltd. traded by his brokers Grant Johnston between 1965 and 1968.
He said that his brokers were acting on their own and he was oblivious to the scam and that his only instructions to them were to sell the Seagrams shares he inherited at the best possible price.

Paul Michelin
Mitchell Bronfman told the CECO crime commission in the mid-1970s that the affair made him lose faith in broker Paul Michelin, Harry Workman and Willie Obront.
Bronfman borrowed big money from Obront by selling 5,000 Seagrams shares.
Airport security
Bronfman claimed to be such a fan of police that he started his own security force at the airport.This did not end well. The RCMP advised against allowing Bronfman's Securex company to do airport security, citing his links to Obront.

Annapolis MP Patrick Nolan told Parliament that former Solicitor General (a post invented to take some files away from the Justice Minister) Francis Fox intervened to allow Bronfman to get the gig in 1972.
At the time about 60 Dorval Airport employees were said to be involved in a gang that brought drugs into the country. Bronfman's Securex lost its contract in the spring of 1975. Bronfman was close to Donald McLeery, who was born within a few months of him and died within a few months of him as well.
McLeery was an RCMP figure who was fired from his top post as an RCMP counter-espionage boss in 1973 for being associated with Bronfman.
Bronfman later gave him a job and protested his innocence, noting that he was so much on the side of police that he'd frequently offer unsolicited tips to cops.

McLeery had also stolen TNT from St. Gregoire in April 1972 in a way to infiltrate the FLQ.
McLeery's partner Gilles Brunet was also considered a victim as he was fired a the same time.
Only after his death in 1984 did the RCMP learn that Brunet had been selling secrets to the Soviets, so the argument for McLeery's victimhood seems a little more tenuous in light of the later revelation that his partner was a mole.
by Kristian Gravenor

A pillar in the Jewish community in Canada and especially in Montreal, donating millions to McGill University xii .
How could The most lucrative crime boss in North America go "from being the greatest importer of alcohol during prohibition, to one of the most influential Zionists in the world?"

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