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In 1922 Paul Matoff was shot to death in Saskatchewan in a firefight between 2 bootlegger-gangs. Matoff was the brother in law of Samuel Bronfman who makes in Canada whiskey and sold it during prohibition to gangs in the US. The Bronfman family delivered booze from Canada to the Purple gang, Dalitz in Cleveland, Rothstein, Luciano and Lansky.

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According to the authors of *Dope, Inc.*, one way that greedy dealers are punished by the Big Boys of the illegal narcotics business is to have agencies of the federal government act as "muscle" or "enforcers". "Back during Prohibition, old Sam Bronfman had [a] problem with the petty racketeers who drove the trucks across the border. They were greedy, and too numerous. Meyer Lansky's Murder, Inc. provided the essential service of weeding their ranks. It appears that today the same service is performed for the dope traffic by the United States Treasury."


Big-Time Gangsters Set up McCain's Family Fortune
The Buchanan-hating Bronfman family are the "godfathers" behind the organized crime empire in Arizona that spawned the political career of "reformer" John McCain.

By Michael Collins Piper

In 1976 a crusading Phoenix reporter, Don Bolles, was murdered by a car-bomb after writing a series of stories exposing the organized crime connections of well-known figures in Arizona, including one Jim Hensley.

Five years later "Honest John" McCain arrived in Arizona as the new husband of Hensley's daughter, Cindy. "From the moment McCain landed in Phoenix," according to Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity, "the Hensleys were key sponsors of his political career."

The fact is, the people ultimately behind the Hensley fortune are even more interesting and controversial

While it is well-known McCain's father-in-law is owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributor in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation—the media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain's rise to power.

The Hensley fortune, in fact, is a regional offshoot of the big time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty of Canada, founded by Sam Bronfman, an early partner of Meyer Lansky, longtime "chairman of the board" of the international crime syndicate. (The Bronfmans cover all bases. Sam's son, Edgar, today—at least publicly—supports George W. Bush.)

McCain's father-in-law got his start as a top henchman of one Kemper Marley who, for some forty years until his death in 1990 at age 84, was the undisputed behind-the-scenes political boss of Arizona. But Marley was much more: he was also the protege of Lansky's longtime lieutenant, Phoenix gambler Gus Greenbaum.

In 1941 Greenbaum had set up the Transamerica Publishing and News Ser vice, which operated a national wire service for bookmakers. In 1946 Green baum turned over the day-to-day operations to Marley while Greenbaum focused on building up Lansky-run casinos in Las Vegas, commuting there from his home in Phoe nix. Greenbaum, in fact, was so integral to the Lansky empire that he was the one who took command of Lansky's Las Vegas interests in 1947 after Lansky ordered the execution of his own longtime friend, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, for skimming profits from the new Flamingo Casino.

Greenbaum and his wife were murdered in a mob "hit" in 1948, their throats cut. The murder set off a series of gangland wars in Phoenix, but Marley survived and prospered

During this time Marley was building up a liquor distribution monopoly in Arizona. The truth is that it was the Bronfman family that set Marley up in business. However, in 1948, some 52 of Marley's employees (including Jim Hensley) went to jail on federal liquor violations—but not Marley.

The story in Arizona is that Hensley took the fall for Marley. Upon Hensley's release from prison, Marley paid Hensley back by setting him up in the beer business. That company today, said to be worth $200 million, financed McCain's career. And without Marley's political support McCain could have never even gotten elected dogcatcher.

But there's more. McCain's father-in-law had also dabbled in the dog racing business and he expanded his family fortune further by selling his dog racing track to an individual connected to the the Buffalo-based Jacobs family.

The Jacobs were the leading distributors for Bronfman liquor into the United States during Prohibition into the hands of local gangs that were part of the Lansky syndicate. Expanding over the years, the family's enterprises were once described as being "probably the biggest quasi-legitimate cover for organized crime's money-laundering in the United States."

While John McCain himself can not be held personally responsible for the sins of his father-in-law, the fact is that this "reformer" owes his political and financial fortunes to the good graces of the biggest names in organized crime.

source: The Spotlight

Charles Luciano was nicknamed Charile Lucifer, "the devil." He was the most feared and hated of the underworld bosses. Luciano liked Toddy both because he was attracted to her and she had a restaurant he wanted to use for one of his bases of operations on the third floor for gambling. Luciano was one of the three major distributors for the Bronfman’s narcotics. The Bronfmans are outwardly Jewish and covertly satanists. Remember they were mentioned in the previous Collins article being friends of actor Joan Collins.

Rothstein and Meyer Lansky were the other two Bronfman distributors. (Dope. Inc., p. 431) Luciano supplied Hot Toddy with her drugs. At the time of her murder, her movie boss had planned to raise her salary to $3,500 a week. Luciano worked for the U.S. government during W.W. II, and in 1946 was deported to Sicily. During W.W.II Luciano work for US. Intelligence--SOE and OSS. (Where else in this newsletter have I mentioned the corruption in the Intelligence Agencies?) After being "deported" to Sicily, Luciano continued to work for US. Intelligence and Permindex (Dope. Inc., p. 483)-which is the elite’s assassination bureau which later moved the center of its headquarters to Paradise Island in the Grand Bahamas. (Dope. Inc., p.493) (It seems to me that Luciano had connections to Onassis.)

I noticed that there was a man named Collins who was involved with the Illuminati’s movements to take over the Australian economy. He was an executive of H.W. Smith, one of those companies that interlock with the CIA, mob, and Illuminati. As you may realize, I offer these types of clues because I can’t presume on the future and hope that others will asist in putting together the pieces of how widespread the satanic Collins family is.

Joan Collins spent time with Edgar Bronfman. The Bronfman family are the Jewish Illuminati family that runs Canada. (p. 281-282)

Source: Excerpts from: Dope, Inc.

The Rest of the Story
The Bronfman Crime Families

By Allan May

The Purple Gang originated in Detroit. Dalitz, who once lived in Detroit and had family there, had connections to the Purple Gang but his main influence was in Cleveland. Born in Boston, Dalitz moved to Cleveland and used the name Maurice Davis so he wouldn't embarrass his family, who remained in Detroit and ran a legitimate laundry business.

Dalitz's important status in the underworld was apparent when he was invited to the Atlantic City crime conference in 1929. The meeting, which coincided with Meyer Lansky's honeymoon, was the first movement toward a national crime syndicate. The theme of the conference was nationwide cooperation. Some discussions took place on the beach with mobsters walking around barefoot with their pantlegs rolled up. The main topics of conversation were post-Prohibition plans for the liquor business and dividing up the country into exclusive gambling franchises. Depending on which book you read, the meeting was initiated by Lucky Luciano, Lansky, (left) Frank Costello (right) or Johnny Torrio of Chicago. What is not in dispute is that the participants came from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds including Italian, Irish, Polish and Jewish.

The Bronfman (Edgar left) family started out in the hotel business in Canada but during Prohibition they reportedly made tremendous profits by shipping liquor into the United States, reportedly shipping booze through Cleveland, Detroit and New York.

Dalitz's connection to the Bronfman family stemmed from the fact that the Bronfmans shipped most of their liquor through Cleveland because of the city's proximity to the Canadian border. However, the Bronfmans also dealt with the Purple Gang in Detroit, and with various New York bootleggers including Luciano (right), Lansky and Arnold Rothstein. The Bronfmans were always entertained lavishly and treated to the best seats at boxing matches by their underworld hosts. After Prohibition, the Bronfmans' distilleries were among the most profitable in the liquor industry.

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[1] FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CICERO (a Chicago suburb, Al Capone Land, a long-known mafia enclave). Later it became the flagship of PINNACLE BANC GROUP. Still later, to confuse matters, the bank was called Old Kent Bank, a unit whose head office is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pinnacle was the successor and alter ego to the mysterious, scandal-wrecked, BANK OF CREDIT AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL, which supposedly (although not actually) went under in 1991. BCCI was a reputed assassination and espionage funding apparatus for various intelligence agencies, including the American CIA, the French CIA, and Israel's The Mossad (The Institute).

Bishop Paul Marcinkus, head of the VATICAN BANK until 1991, was also the dominant force controlling First National Bank of Cicero. Marcinkus was originally from Cicero and ran a church there. Marcinkus fled the Vatican, sheltering himself with his Vatican passport, when Italian authorities sought to grill him and possibly prosecute him for various criminal offenses he reportedly committed as Vatican Bank chief. He returned to the U.S. and lives in Sun City, Arizona.

[2] Roger D'Onofrio, an American CIA official, with dual citizenship, U.S. and Italy, living near Naples, Italy. Italian authorities, in the wire service and other stories of December, 1995, described him as the CIA's secret paymaster in Italy, to fund political assassinations of those not liked by the American CIA, and to pay-off or destroy opposition parties in the Italian government.

The Pelossi-Marcinkus-D'Onofrio ring reportedly, through Vatican Bank and other financial institutions, trafficked in smuggled gold, osmium nuclear bomb triggers, high quality counterfeit foreign currencies, and other illicit goods and services. With the corrupt connivance of top officials of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, Chicago Region office, Pelossi reportedly arranged the laundering of billions of dollars through concealed and dummy accounts, reportedly in the following banks, among others; and for and on behalf reportedly of George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, and the Elder Bush, their father: HARRIS BANK OF CHICAGO, and their Foreign Exchange section, called ForEx, a unit of BANK OF MONTREAL owned principally by the whiskey-soaked BRONFMAN FAMILY [SEAGRAMS booze, Cineplex Odeon movie theater chain, as well as numerous operations of records-entertainment in California].

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Laundry Wizard For George Bush Family Arrested

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