Journal de Montreal
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 11:04
Update Tuesday, February 20, 2018 11:04

The police have been conducting since Tuesday morning about twenty searches at the expense of a large network of drug trafficking whose strings would be pulled by the new alleged leader of the Hells Angels.

It is a criminal organization linked to "influential members" of the motorcycle gang, including Mario Brouillette, who is targeted in this operation involving 130 police officers from the National Crime Suppression Squad (ENRCO).

On January 24, Le Journal de Montreal reported that Mario Brouillette, formerly known as "The Dauphin of Mauritius 'Mom' Boucher" and that the police believe to be the new guiding spirit of the Hells, is suspected of leading this network of traffickers present in Montreal and on the northern neigborhoods.

The brigade is thus conducting its second series of searc[/b]hes in as many months against this network, after the one carried out at the end of January where a jeweler's shop in Repentigny had been visited.

Suspect well connected

In this second phase of the investigation project called "Objection", the ENRCO is particularly interested in a businessman of Italian origin considered to be the alleged right hand of Mario Brouillette.

According to our information, the police believe that Carmelo Sacco Jr. is not only close to Brouillette and the Hells but also has ties to the mafia and street gangs in Montreal.

According to our sources, Sacco has already been observed by the police in the company of large organized crime figures, including the former head of the Italian mafia, Stefano Sollecito, before the arrest of the latter in November 2015.

On Monday, Sollecito was acquitted, along with the son of the late godfather Vito Rizzuto, the lawyer Leonardo Rizzuto, charges of gangsterism and conspiracy that had been against them for more than two years.

Judge Eric Downs dismissed the wiretap evidence that incriminated them, finding that the police had illegally recorded their conversations in the lawyer's office Loris Cavaliere.

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