Cattolica eraclea Mafia: Ciccu Mormina "identified as the successor in the role of head of the historic family", seized assets seizure.

Millitary forces of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Agrigento have executed an sequestration order issued by the Court of Agrigento - Section of Prevention Measures with reference to the real estate assets, as well as to the financial resources of Giuseppe Mormina (called " Ciccu ") , 78, of Cattolica Eraclea. This ordinance arises from the results of patrimonial investigations delegated to the financiers within the procedure of prevention measures of the District Attorney of Palermo with reference to Mormina and to the respective family unit. The assessment activity took place in the broader sector of the so-called "economic" contrast to organized crime and the effective aggression against illicit assets was made possible thanks to the in-depth analysis of financial flows compared to consumption and income achieved on a large scale- time frame. In particular, the forces of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Agrigento have sealed 7 residential properties , a business complex (operating in the agricultural sector) and 22 land properties totalling 373.410 sqm located in the Municipality of Cattolica Eraclea, as well as current and deposit accounts for a total value of 752.377.05 euro .

The provision of prevention, which relates to the figure of Giuseppe Mormina son of the well-known boss Francesco Mormina, historic Mafia cattolicese, shows the danger as a result linked to criminals of international caliber (of which the best known is undoubtedly Nick Rizzuto , killed November 10, 2010) and, as pointed out by the judges, identified as the successor in the role of head of the historic family of Cattolica Eraclea. The Mormina's, are in fact linked by close family relationships with Domenico Terrasi (person subjected to the measure of prevention of special surveillance of public security, with obligation to stay in the municipality of residence when he leaves), another prominent feature of the mafia consortium of Cattolica Eraclea, together with which he was also a witness to the wedding of Gaetano Amodeo , the latter arrested in Canada (then extradited to Italy where he died in prison for an illness) after a long hiding from having played an active role in various murders, including that of the Marshal of the Carabinieri Giuliano Guazzelli . The criminal links of Mormina transpires indubitably from the relationships maintained with various members of the criminal gangster such as Antonino Messina, (formerly ruler of the Agrigento family in the 80s), Emanuele Sedita , Simone Capizzi and Salvatore Di Ganci , heads of the families of Ribera and Sciacca respectively, Bonanno family as well .