updated Jan. 26,2018
La Presse Daniel Renaud

A 40-year-old man was shot and wounded late Wednesday afternoon in Montreal. The event, which went completely under the radar of the media, occurred in the parking lot of a restaurant on the Boulevard Métropolitain, at the rue Pascal-Gagnon, in the Saint-Léonard borough.

"Around 4:00 pm, calls for shots in the parking lot of a restaurant were made at 911. When the police came to the scene, there was no one there. But they did bring the dog handler and the latter found casings ", says the agent André-Anne Picard of the police of Montreal.

"Then, around 8:30 pm, we received a call from the hospital personnel on the north shore of Montreal who told us that a man wounded by a bullet had just presented himself in the hospital," said the spokesperson. .

The man, aged 40, was shot in the upper body, including one arm. He was operated shortly after admission and his life is not in danger. At the time of his statement, he had not yet been interviewed by the investigators from the SPVM's Eastern Division. On the other hand, they searched his home in the Montréal-Nord borough yesterday, looking for clues. It is not excluded that he will eventually be charged.

Linked to organized crime

The police did not want to reveal his identity, but according to our information, the wounded man would be Girard Anglade, aka Jay, who would have links with one of the clans of the Montreal mafia. Moreover, this nebulous affair could be linked to the Mafia or organized crime in Montreal.

According to circules, which has not been confirmed, the story would involve two armed men. The first would have wanted to shoot the second, but his weapon would have jammed. The second then opened fire on the first, wounding him. It is unclear who is the second individual involved and yesterday afternoon the police had not yet determined who was the initiator and the victim in this case.

Anglade has several criminal histories. Police are known to be involved in extortion cases and contracts of all kinds.