Laval was one of the few sources of happiness for Milena Di Maulo

Benoit LeBlanc
Posted on January 26, 2018

EVENT. It is in front of a hundred people gathered in a bookstore of the boulevard Le Corbusier that Milena Di Maulo launched her book-testimony Girl and woman of mafiosi where Laval holds a place of choice until the second arrest of her husband, the 16 April 1996, in their residence in Vimont.

"Until that day, I only have fond memories of Laval, a city where I celebrated a lot with my friends and gave birth to my two children, to tell the story of the one who divorced Francesco Frankie. Cotroni, son of the former sponsor of the Montreal mafia, in 2003. But during this arrest, there were people everywhere with police, TV cameras and journalists. After that, the neighbors were scared and did not want their kids playing with mine anymore. "

"I grew up in a world of violence, having lost 25 murdered loved ones."

Milena Di Maulo, mafiosi girl and woman

Before leaving Laval for the Laurentians, Milena Di Maulo will have a funny surprise.

"I really liked going out at Bentley's," she says. One evening, two members of the tactical squad recognized me. We had a good time and sympathized. "

A few years earlier, Joseph's daughter, "Joe" Di Maulo, one of Quebec's most influential mafiosi murdered in November 2012, had created a stir in the corridors of Hôpital de la Cité-de -the health.

"I received 245 gifts! says Milena Di Maulo. People were asking which star was occupying my room. When they knew it was an organized crime person, I was asked to sign autographs! When I left, I handed the doggies to the Department of Pediatrics and Flowers to seniors in palliative care. "

Crying one's life

His particular position on the chessboard of the Quebec mafia, the brother of his mother is none other than Raynald Desjardins, currently in prison for conspiring in the murder of New York mafioso Salvatore Montagna, makes that Milena Di Maulo was asked for 25 years to tell her story, she said.

In the end, she trusted the criminologist and former MP Maria Mourani for the writing of this biographical work published by Les Éditions de l'Homme.

"I waited to be 50 years old because I had the omertà in me, having grown up with the 3 little monkeys: we do not see anything, we do not hear anything, we do not say anything, mentions the one whose godfather was Frank Cotroni himself, the leader of the powerful Calabrian clan. However, I do not betray anyone in this book. Yes, I loved this life of glamor with jewels, furs, the private jet that takes you to New York and the Bahamas. But I cried my life back. "

Now, the strong woman administers a spa in health care after a dozen years to operate a food business.

"I have nothing to reproach myself with," she adds. I just wanted to tell young women that, yes, these men are beautiful, rich, charming, elegant and lead a luxury lifestyle. However, be very careful! We can no longer have real friends, travel alone and hope for a life in rank, in addition to being a submissive woman. We must not forget that I am lucky to have had my father. He helped me and I was treated equally. "