Gianpietro Tiberio--Article from May 30 2016 LaPresse

43 years

Little known, Tiberio, owner of a towing company, is considered by the police as a rising star of the mafia. In April, his name was mentioned in an article in La Presse about a towing company with dubious practices. According to a joint CBC / Globe and Mail investigation, he was involved in the Dream casino in the Dominican Republic, whose late godfather Vito Rizzuto reportedly attempted to take control. Tiberio, aka JP, is believed to be a former soldier of the Rizzuto clan and reportedly close to Domenico Macri, who was killed in August 2006. He has ties to influential bikers. He was sentenced to three years in prison for a 2006 narcotics import conspiracy case. He denies having links with the Mafia.