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The Cotroni family is deceased since 2004 it is apparently under control Bonanno is it possible knowing that Vittorio Mirarchi and the Scoppa brothers who are Calabrian can not they ally rather to clans of the Ndrangheta already on the spot

The reigns of the Cotroni clan passed on to the Rizzuto's but the Cotroni clan was never deceased or dismantled.They kept their identity and are alive and well today. What happened after Rizzuto's arrest was that alliances were being formed with other clans. Some remained loyal to Rizzuto family and others were intent on overpowering the Rizzuto's.This is what makes it confusing in creating an organizational chart.Allegiances were being made and some members defected from one clan to join others.

Good point, nowadays the traditional mob family is outdated, organised crime is more like a network.

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