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So who really killed Giordano? Who tried to kill del baso? Who is the arcade faction loyal to? Can anyone post the current structure of the rizzutos family to the best of your knowledge?

Giordano(Killed),DelBalso and Arcadi are with the Rizzuto's.

According to news sources, allegedly some of the clans or cells opposing the Rizzuto's are Mirarchi/Desjardins, the Silvano brothers,the Bastone brothers, Devito(dead)/Succapane clan and possibily the Scoppa brothers.
You also had Sal Montagna(killed)/Arcuri brothers at one point.
Some of these groups may have the backing of the Toronto & Hamilton Ndrangheta.
The Silvano brothers took over the D'amico territory Granby/Lachine/Ottawa,they also tried to take control of the cocaine distribution in the Maritimes,a section of Montreal and Ontario.