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Good stuff antimafia! It seems to me Antonio Mirarchi had the connections before his son came up under Desjardins.

There is nothing remarkable about Italian mobsters in Quebec and Ontario having connections to one another.

I might have missed the sources that state Antonio Mirarchi had ties to Calabrian crime groups or Calabrian organized-crime figures in Ontario -- I recall reading only that he had ties to the Hells in Quebec, as well as to Desjardins of course. Given that Vittorio has strong ties to individuals in Ottawa -- maybe even the Siderno Group 'ndrina in that city -- I will assume his father did too because of the proximity of the two cities. I am merely guessing that, despite Vittorio's younger age, his network of contacts is more extensive than his father's ever was.

One day, I hope there will be solid intelligence revealed about the supposed 2011 meeting in Quebec between people from Ontario and people in the Montreal area during which the former were angry or upset and abruptly left -- one thread this was discussed will be found here: http://www.gangsterbb.net/threads/ubbthr...true#Post625058.

If anyone can jog my memory about which article mentioned the meeting -- I think only one article did, one in French -- I would be very appreciative. Thanks.