There is another way to interpret that sentence from Lamberti's article. The article earlier states the following:

Initially, Rizzuto’s move into Ontario was marked with the murders of Carmen Barillaro and Johnny “Pops” Papalia in 1997.

Police also know there was a hit list that wasn’t completed. The list included a number of other GTA and Niagara area Calabrian mobsters, particularly four related to three Violi brothers who were killed between 1976 and 1980 during the Rizzuto family’s rise to power in Montreal.


The Toronto-area businessman could be a reference to Rocco Remo Commisso, as Ken Murdock claims to have warned Remo that the latter was on Pat Musitano's hit list. Compare this claim with the following information from The Sixth Family (2014 edition, p. 320):

Vito [Rizzuto] searched for a strong group with an impeccable pedigree with whom to forge an alliance with in Ontario. Shunning the Sixth Family's traditional fondness for keeping their affairs closely Sicilian, he found the perfect coupling in the Commisso family. Based around three brothers, Cosimo, Rocco Remo, and Michele, the Commissos had immigrated to Toronto from Calabria in 1961 and were about as street strong in Toronto as any mob clan could expect. The stage seemed set for the Sixth Family to make its move.