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Any idea who he is?

Mirarchi has close ties to Calabrian groups in Ontario, including one Toronto-area businessman who was on the alleged Rizzuto clan’s hit list in the 1990s.

From which article, book, blog, etc. are you quoting? The decade--1990s--doesn't sound right, especially because the Commissos in the GTA helped the Montreal Mafia expand in Ontario in the late 1990s.


I think the key words are "alleged" and "hit list"; "alleged" might be understood by some as referring to an alleged Rizzuto clan, but that would be a misreading.

Lamberti and some others--reporters, organized-crime authors--strongly believe that the Montreal Mafia leadership (maybe Vito Rizzuto alone?) felt that the best way to expand into Ontario in the 1990s was to arrange to have Ontario-based made members of the Buffalo Family murdered. I don't subscribe to that theory, which purports to explain why Enio Mora, Johnny Papalia, and Carm Barillaro were murdered in succession between September 1996 and July 1997.

I am especially skeptical of the following account in Mafia inc:

In the 1990s, [Enio] Mora borrowed $7.2 million from Vito Rizzuto and gave the bulk of the money to [John] Papalia and Carmen Barillaro. Johnny Pops used the funds to open an upscale restaurant on Avenue Road in Toronto and a similarly posh nightclub in the city’s west end. The rest of the money disappeared. The Rizzuto clan demanded to be repaid but got nowhere. “They can’t touch us,” Barillaro boasted. That was a mistake.