If Quebec Hells Angels have planned to spend the holidays in the South and have already bought their plane tickets, they could have a bad surprise. It seems that Mexico and the Dominican Republic do not want our bikers anymore.

The press has learned from various sources that for a little over a year, a dozen individuals, members of the Hells Angels, ex-members or relations of this group of bikers, were turned back on their arrival at an airport in Mexico or the Dominican Republic. The trend seems to have intensified in recent weeks, according to our information.

"Some guys came to Mexico, some with their family or their spouse, for a vacation, and they were told to go back home because they were linked to organized crime," said a source from the judiciary.

Another informant told us that in addition to the individuals who were turned back, at least one other man, the Hells Angels' relationship, was interrogated and searched for a long time before the Mexican authorities finally accepted his presence on their territory.


Mexico and the Dominican Republic - where the Hells Angels have a section in Santo Domingo with former Quebec members - are countries considered to be hubs for the importation of cocaine into Canada, and the pretensions Canadian authorities are that the Quebec Hells Angels meet or meet with each other and conduct business when they visit these countries, even with relatives.

Some rumors want the Mexican authorities to have a list of Quebec bikers who would be consulted at the customs posts.

Local police officers, however, told La Presse , on condition of anonymity, that Canadian authorities would never dare to provide such a list because of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the risk of prosecution.

Rather, they believe that the information obtained by Mexican customs officials could come from Interpol, an international organization that brings together police forces from 192 countries, including Canada, through which they help each other and exchange information.

"The truth is that Mexico and the Dominican Republic do not want our bikers anymore. They are already fed up with their organized crime. It is their police force that calls ours to get information, "we were told yesterday.

"I confirm that we have excellent cooperation with the authorities of these countries, but the refoulement of some Quebec bikers on their arrival there, this decision belongs to the local authorities," said the Inspector Guy Lapointe, the Sûreté du Québec, which has the mandate to fight against criminal bikers in the province.


Joined by La Presse , an employee of the Mexican Consulate in Montreal, Zoila Sanchez, did not want to comment directly on the situation.

"Any decision on entry into the country issued by an immigration officer shall be made by assessing the specific case and on the basis of respect or non-compliance with the migratory provisions the limits of which are laid down in the Constitution, the Treaties and the international agreements of which the Mexican State is a part, the Immigration Act and applicable general legal provisions. As in most countries, the knowledge, resolution and enforcement of expulsion or assisted return of foreigners, under the terms and conditions established in the law, [are] a prerogative of immigration officers, in the the case of Mexico, the National Institute of Immigration ", she wrote to us by e-mail.

Sources told La Presse that links have been somewhat tighter in recent years between Canadian police forces and those in Mexico and several Central and South American countries. Regularly, the authorities of these countries even monitor the whereabouts of Canadian criminals and give information to the Canadian authorities.

In addition to the Hells Angels section in the Dominican Republic, Quebec bikers would have been instrumental in the recent creation of another section of the Hells Angels in Quito, Ecuador, according to Quebec police.

If, after the end of the Sharqc procedures and the return of the Hells Angels in Quebec, the police here hoped for a way to hurt the bikers, the shot seems to carry. Some information suggests that the Hells Angels do not like to be forced back into countries they have traditionally visited. If the refusals become systematic, they will have to migrate to other seaside resorts.

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Bikers who have been driven back abroad

Christian Ménard , HA Montreal (Sherbrooke), Mexico November 2016

Roch Delaney , HA South, Dominican Republic December 2016

Eric Bouffard , HA South, Dominican Republic December 2016

Stéphane Maheu , HA South, Dominican Republic March 2017

Dean Moore , HA South, Mexico March 2017

Mario Brouillette , former member of Trois-Rivières, Mexico August 2017

Jean-Judes Faucher , HA Quebec, Mexico November 2017

Bernard Plourde , HA Trois-Rivières November 2017

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