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The article mentions:

"According to police circles, Vittorio Mirarchi having gotten his freedom yesterday, is predicted to be the next godfather of the Montreal mafia."

I just find the comments by law enforcement to be premature. I do not think for a moment that the Rizzuto clan will accept him. Too much blood as been spilled, the sons of Sollecito,Cun-trera, Spagnolo,Rizzuto are still in play wanting to avenge their fathers deaths.Even if they do accept, it will only be temporary. What Mirarchi has got going for him are his connections with the Ontario Calabrians. I could also see some of the rival gangs unite behind him if he chooses to assume the position. It will also depend which sides the Hells will choose.
One thing for sure, whoever assumes the throne will be a marked man.

Agreed yet again. I think he has as much change of becoming the next godfather as Leonardo Rizzuto. He has too many enemies to be unanimously accepted as the supreme leader. It isn't even that long ago that there were reports stating that there wouldn't be another godfather and that the clans opposing the Rizzuto group wanted a horizontal structure. This article won't help much either. It's better to rise to the top silently. Perhaps a tactic applied by the police to stirr things up?

Speaking of which, during the Charbonneau hearings the RCMP stated that Le Clan Calabrais was in power. Then a year later Rizzuto came home and all of a sudden he was back on top again..

LINDA FÉQUIÈRE statement made at the Charboneau Inquiry, tranlated to English:

Q.Who are now the actors of the COTI(LE CRIME ORGANISÉ TRADITIONNEL ITALIEN) in Quebec, following Project Colisée ?
  A. I will answer very briefly because those
  people are currently being investigated. But
  it will suffice to say that it is mostly people who
  belong to a faction of the Calabrian wing of the
  Italian organized crime. I'm not trying to
  to say that the Sicilian faction is completely
  disappeared, however there is a return of the organized crime
  of Calabrian origin that followed the arrest and extradition of Mr. Vito Rizzuto.

I believe that was the statement that was given at the Charboneau inquiry and it seems to be accurate. The pendulum was swinging in favor of the Calabrian clan especially when high level members from the Sicilian clan were being killed. When Rizzuto was released from jail the pendulum started swinging in the opposite direction in favor of the Sicilian clan.
It possible that the media twisted her words around to increase ratings.I don't recall if she made other remarks, I would have to read all her testimony.

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