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The article mentions:

"According to police circles, Vittorio Mirarchi having gotten his freedom yesterday, is predicted to be the next godfather of the Montreal mafia."

I just find the comments by law enforcement to be premature. I do not think for a moment that the Rizzuto clan will accept him. Too much blood as been spilled, the sons of Sollecito,Cun-trera, Spagnolo,Rizzuto are still in play wanting to avenge their fathers deaths.Even if they do accept, it will only be temporary. What Mirarchi has got going for him are his connections with the Ontario Calabrians. I could also see some of the rival gangs unite behind him if he chooses to assume the position. It will also depend which sides the Hells will choose.
One thing for sure, whoever assumes the throne will be a marked man.

This newer article's claims, of course, clash with those in Daniel Renaud's article, which was published some 14 or 15 hours earlier than Thibault's.

Mirarchi's allies in Ottawa, Ontario may very well be the long-established 'ndrina that answers to the Siderno Group in the Toronto area. But again, I suspect that whatever animosity existed between some elements of the GTA Siderno Group and the remnants of the Sollecito-Rizzuto faction may now be over. Cosimo Commisso's wife is Facebook friends with one of Giovanna Rizzuto's first cousins in the GTA whose father headed (heads?) the Toronto Sicilian Group--Giovanna's uncle has longstanding ties, including criminal ones, to the Commisso brothers and other senior Siderno Group figures. Elena Veltri (Agostino [BadWord]'s wife) is Facebook friends with Giuseppe "Little Joe" [BadWord] (Paolo's son). I'm not at all embarrassed that I scour social media, which law enforcement also does, to find photos, posts, and comments that all help to untangle possible relationships between individuals and between groups of people.

If the GTA Siderno Group does not want to help Mirarchi in whatever war he may continue to wage in Montreal, he will still probably criminally collaborate with the Siderno Group. If Paolo Violi's sons have chosen, for whatever reason, to affiliate themselves with the New York Bonannos--I'm theorizing based on the recent Project Otremens bust--then I don't know what relationship Domenico and Giuseppe have with Mirarchi and Desjardins today.

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