LaPresse Dec.12,2017
The various police forces in Quebec are on the lookout, a few days before Christmas, with the imminent release from jail of an influential member of the Montreal mafia.

Condemned last September for plotting the murder of the aspiring sponsor Salvatore Montagna committed in November 2011, Raynald Desjardins's protégé, Vittorio Mirarchi, and two members of his close guard will soon leave the prison, their sentences served.

Mirarchi, 40, was sentenced to nine years in penitentiary last September, with the judge endorsing a joint suggestion between the Crown and the defense called a "compromise" by the prosecutor. But subtracting the period of pre-trial detention, calculated in time and a half, he had only four and a half months to serve.


Mirarchi, Desjardins and half a dozen other individuals were arrested on December 20, 2011, a month after the Montagna murder, largely because the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was investigating the Mafia succession. Montreal, had found a way to intercept the text messages of members of their clan. The mafia was then shaken by an internal war, three clans this time: Rizzuto, Desjardins and Montagna.

"On December 20, 2011, it's a bit like putting the film on pause. It may be that with the release of Mirarchi, someone presses the button again, "a police officer told La Presse.

According to reports, Mafia clan chiefs have called a meeting or meetings in the coming days to try to know what to expect or be fixed on certain intentions in the context of this release.

"We are attentive and proactive to follow the evolution of the situation which is very unpredictable. We can not predict what will happen, "said Montreal police commander Nicodemo Milano last week when asked by La Presse about the release of Mirarchi.

The latter is considered by the police as a major importer of cocaine, even though he was not charged with such a crime - despite evidence that could have been overwhelming - following the Clemenza investigation conducted by the RCMP in 2011.

Mirarchi has strong support in Ontario, particularly in the Ottawa area.


Weakened by years of internal wars, the Montreal mafia currently has a cellular and linear structure - not pyramid - and is composed of predominantly Calabrian and Sicilian clans who do business together and share their expertise.

Commander Milano, who speaks on his behalf and not on behalf of the other police forces, says that there is currently calm in Montreal, that there is no leader who stands out from the others and no clan dominant, although that of Rizzuto-Sollecito (Sicilians) has strengthened a little in recent months.

The latest attack on the Montreal mafia occurred in mid-August when Antonio De Blasio was killed in front of his 12-year-old son who had just finished a football training in a park in the Saint-Léonard neighborhood.

"There is a relative calm in the city of Montreal. Traditional Italian Organized Crime (COTI) is always looking for networking to raise profits, and these are associations by opportunity, not by culture, village or language. "

- Nicodemo Milano, Commander of the Organized Crime Division (COD) of the Montreal Police

"Since Operation Magot-Mastiff in November 2015, we have not identified a" table "or alliance of mafia clans. For several reasons. The important actors are incarcerated, they are very afraid to assume a position and a role of chief or they operate in total secrecy and with many intermediaries. The leader places several individuals between himself and the executors to isolate himself from possible criminal charges and, most importantly in the current context, to avoid being killed, "adds the officer.

According to Commander Milano, several members of the Mafia currently stand back, waiting to prove their loyalty to a leader who stands out, and for the moment, there would be none.

Commander Milano says that alliances within the mafia are currently very short-lived and that there is no intention among Mafiosi from Ontario, the United States or Italy to come to Montreal .

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