THE PRESS Edition of December 6, 2017
The influential Hells Angel Salvatore Cazzetta, whose trial for concealment was to begin today, will be released for the third time in six years. The press has learned from a reliable source that the prosecution will file this morning at the courthouse in Montreal, a nolle prosequi , a form of abandonment of prosecution.

The reasons for this flip-flop of the prosecution, which comes after the defense has filed motions to stop the judicial process and to disclose evidence, are unknown.

Cazzetta, who will turn 63 in a few days, was arrested in November 2015 as part of the Magot-Mastiff investigation, in which the police decapitated a Mafia-biker-street gang alliance that directed organized crime in Montreal. that time.

The police, who were investigating the activities of a drug trafficking network, had in particular followed an individual who had transported an envelope of money to a shop owned by the motorcyclist in the Joliette area. A publication ban, however, prevents us from giving more details on this matter.

Initially, Cazzetta faced three counts of conspiracy, gangsterism and receiving. But the conspiracy charge was withdrawn in the following months, while Cazzetta was released by the Superior Court from that of gangsterism last summer. The motorcyclist had been detained since his arrest, and his lawyers then obtained provisional release, including the fact that he had already served more than the penalty normally imposed for a Hijacker if convicted.

Arrested in Operation SharQc in April 2009, Cazzetta was one of 31 released in May 2011 due to delays already considered unreasonable by Justice James L. Brunton of the Superior Court.

In October 2016, he benefited from a halt in the judicial process following his arrest in the Machine project conducted in 2009 against alleged cigarette traffickers established in particular in the Kahnawake Native American Reserve.

Cazzetta, former Rock Machine boss - enemies of the Hells Angels during the biker war in the 90s - went to the other side in 2004-2005. He and a few other members, most of them former Rock Machine for the most part, kept the Hells Angels home while almost all of them were imprisoned as a result of Operation SharQc.

The release of Cazzetta, if it materializes today, comes after the 40 th anniversary of the establishment of the Hells Angels in Quebec. The biker will surely be expected at the anticipated party by the police that bikers should hold next weekend to mark this anniversary.

Recall, however, that a nolle prosequi leaves a door open to the prosecution, who can accuse an individual again within one year.

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