The fugitive Frederick Silva accused of attempting to kill the clan leader of the mafia Salvatore Scoppa.

The alleged hitman Frederick Silva, one of the ten most wanted criminals in Quebec, is accused of attempted murder on the clan leader of the mafia Salvatore Scoppa, February 21, in Terrebonne.

The warrant of arrest filed last week by the Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) was filed Thursday morning at the courthouse in Montreal. Frederick Silva is also charged with unloading a prohibited firearm against Salvatore Scoppa, possessing a charged prohibited firearm and contravening a court order by detaining a Smith & Wesson revolver and ammunition .

Frederick Silva, 37, has been actively pursued since the beginning of June by the SPVM Major Crime Investigators and the Sret du Qubec (SQ) Crimes Against the Person. Yesterday, the police renewed their appeal to the population in the hope of finding the dangerous fugitive.

According to our information, Silva was with a dozen people, including individuals linked to Lebanese organized crime, the evening of February 21, at a restaurant in the Lachenaie sector in Terrebonne. Salvatore Scoppa was at a nearby table, with two other people, a man and a woman.

When Salvatore Scoppa came out of the restaurant with his escorts, an individual fired at him several times as the clan leader was near his vehicle. The suspect, whom the police believe to be Frederick Silva, chased the victim a short distance before stopping the race and fleeing into a red Range Rover SUV.

The police identified five people who were with Silva that night, but are still trying to identify the other five.

Silva, who is now on a Canada-wide warrant, has been wanted by police since May 24, when he shot and killed a client at Les Amazones cabaret in Montreal following a trivial dispute.

Silva is currently wanted for this murder and for the attempted murder against Scoppa. He is considered very dangerous. The police recommend that anyone who crosses it not act alone and communicate with 911. Sources told La Presse that Silva may be involved in other violent events and that he would have acted as an executioner for the clan. Sicilian Montreal Mafia still considered the most influential by the police.

The police tried a few times to put the hook on him, in vain.


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