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On which side in this War you think are the Cun-Caruana Clan?

On the side of the sicilian wing from the Rizzuto Clan, or on the side of the Coluccio Clan, or maybe on the side from a other fraction?

You think the Cun-Caruana have a lot of power in Canada this days?

You think the Clan play a role in the war and if so which ones?

In Montreal Liborio Cun-trera (son of Agostino) is busy fighting a war along side with the Rizzuto's and in Greater Toronto area someone wants them out of Toronto. One of the Cun-trera had their house shot at, the other had his house burned down and the bakery where one of them hung out was the target of arson. If you read news articles and passages of books written on them. They do mention that they were doing business with both the Rizzuto's and the Coluccio clan (Ndrangheta) but I do not think that some of the other Ndrangheta clans were on board with this.
It looks like they are running into some competition right now.