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Has the body been identified? Weird they never let that old rizzuto guys body be found i think he was a cun terea or whatever. They found his benz or bmw idling down from his house. That guy was a heavyweight. I could imagine how bad anywon related to him just wants to bury there bones its so disrespectful to hide the body in 2017. If they want they can charge you for murder without a body we seen it alot.

According to the French-language article to which I've linked below, the victim has been identified but is not Jacques Desjardins. The Laval police have yet to release a name.


The person you are thinking of whose body has never been found is Paola Renda (Vito Rizzuto's brother-in-law). The body of Giuseppe Renda, who is the nephew of George from Canada (Gerlando Sciascia), has also never been found.