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Maybe Sal Montagna had still some support.

It is hard to say, he didn't have anyone when he was alive. He would brag that he had muscle from New York and was later proven wrong but it doesn't dismiss that a close and/or connected Montagna family member from the Bonnano's, may have put a contract; although I believe the later not to be the case.

He had guys around him in Montreal. Don't say you don't know that because you do. But obviously he didn't have wide support in the city and also not enough muscle. I'm confident however that when more evidence is made available it will only support his role in the coup even further. I think he had a bigger hand in the hits on [BadWord], Renda and Rizzuto than Desjardins.

As for the contract, do you think the Bonannos are not capable of it or that they don't care?

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."