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Anti, a lot of funeral homes do that here with pre-paid services. They'll pop up, take in a bunch of money, and then fold up. Gives the good folks a bad name. Not sure if the Loreto done that or not.

The Loreto funeral home resumes business on Tuesday, October 31, based on the most recent obituary shown on the website. Below is a link to my Evernote item about the renovations that seemed to have been undertaken at some point after the arson on April 25.



Sorry. I should have commented on your post from back in August.

Per Quebec's business registry, the Loreto funeral home started operating in or around 1995. I am reluctant to believe that the closure for several months was related to some sort of scam to take money from grieving families. A number of organized-crime authors and reporters have often mentioned that the Loreto is the only business owned by the Rizzutos (and their relatives) that is a source of legitimate income.

Nevertheless, I have to wonder whether the Loreto refunded the money it received from those who made prepaid funeral-home arrangements but were forced during the closure to make arrangements at another funeral home. And did the Loreto provide additional compensation to people who made prepaid arrangements but had to scramble to find another funeral home? The whole idea of these prepaid arrangements is for individuals and families to save money by prepaying for a funeral before it ever takes place. Making funeral arrangments in the last few months obviously cost these people more than what they shelled out in prepaid arrangements some time ago.