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New poster so might be in the wrong place but here is some info about the situation in MTL, Toronto.


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It's an article that contains numerous inaccuracies.

I don't think the Italy-based journalist, who is also an author, has enough information about what has been happening in the Greater Toronto Area with regard to the murders, attempted murders, firebombings, arson, and shots being fired into homes. My own opinion keeps changing, but at this point I am leaning toward the Siderno Group ('ndrangheta) and Caruana-Cun trera clan--Calabrians and Sicilians who are in an alliance--being the ones under attack. This alliance isn't something I made up, as one only has to read Business or Blood. At first I dismissed the assessment that the Caruna-Cun trera clan in York Region (north of Toronto) turned its back on the Rizzuto loyalists in Montreal. Now I'm not so sure.

As for Montreal, I don't see any war there as being a Sicilians-versus-Calabrians war--viewing the war this way is not only outdated but was even wrong to begin with when interpreting the 1970s-war-related events in Montreal. The journalist writes that the murdered Antonio De Blasio was definitively Calabrian and was in the Rizzuto camp. (I'm not sure how the journalist knows this, but this is another reason I don't trust his reporting skills.) When posts in this thread were made about the numerous attempts on Marco Pizzi's life, the feeling was that the Rizzuto loyalists were all but wiped out. Then when the Quebec-based crime reporter Daniel Renaud wrote that Pizzi had Calabrian ancestry, we were left scratching our heads.

Gambler007, please don't let me discourage you from posting links to whatever articles you like. While I myself tend not to post links to stories full of errors, I do post many articles that have content I strongly disagree with. Welcome to the board!