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Desjardins isn't made because he has no Italian blood, so at the end only Montagna could grab the power and become boss

That is still up for debate. wink
Montagna was just crazy he didn't have the support in Quebec needed to become a player like the Desjardins family. Ray's son Mathieu Desjardins is half Italian so in theory they can make him.

Maybe, though I imagine there would have been quite a lot of....objection among the mafiosi when a traditionally Italian organization gets "officially" under control of somebody with last name Desjardins smile If I remember well what I read, when they accept half Italians, they are more willing to take ones who are Italians on father's side, I only remember Charles "Chucky" Porter from Pittsburgh as an exception. But it would be really interesting though, a boss of an Italian mob named Mathieu Desjardins! It would be like having somebody with last name Ivanov as president of France or somebody named Wang or Chen in charge in Germany.

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Willie Marfeo to Henry Tameleo:

1) "You people want a loaf of bread and you throw the crumbs back. Well, fuck you. I ain't closing down."

2) "Get out of here, old man. Go tell Raymond to go shit in his hat. We're not giving you anything."