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From what I remember Di Maulo was not one of the primary movers against the Rizzutos, he was older and obviously very wealthy and probably didn't want to go to war at that point in this life. I think that it was Montagna, Desjardins, and DeVito who were the main engines behind the war, Di Maulo was at most in an advisory role.

Thanks for the information, I honestly didn't know De Vito was a main player here. But was he even made? I think I read somewhere he was an associate although a big earner, so what would he gain by overthrowing the Rizzuto group? Promotion to soldier (he couldn't become boss or capo just like that without "working" for some time at least as a made member)? Desjardins isn't made because he has no Italian blood, so at the end only Montagna could grab the power and become boss; unless Desjardins controlled him behind the scenes like a "non-formal" power, but he obviously couldn't since he had to kill Montagna to avoid being killed himself. So who he thought should be boss after the Rizzutos got killed, if he himself wasn't arrested for Montagna's murder? Would he have tried to convince Di Maulo to step up as boss, or did he initially think he could control Montagna, but was mistaken almost at cost of his life? I know we can only make speculations, but still....

But that De Vito was a main figure here, not a secondary character, this is completely new to me. In your opinion, did they poison him in prison at Vito RIzzuto's order? But if he was powerful enough to get to prisoners too, why didn't he kill Desjardins as well?

I agree that hopefully somebody will eventually give information...But as I said before, imo they missed a possible (although small) chance by making a deal with Desjardins instead of asking for the maximum penalty. As unbelievable as it sounds, that he would ever tell anything, there have been cases in mafia history when gangsters who nobody could ever think would cooperate, ratted everybody out all of a sudden on a certain point (take Lonardo and Massino for instance). If somebody among the Montreal gangsters really knows much (at least among the ones currently in jail), it's Desjardins, and imo it would have been worthy to at least try to make him crack by giving him life (or is it 25 years maximum in Canada, I don't remember). He isn't that young and has done not-so-short prison stretches before, so who knows what would his position be after other 10 or 15 years in jail with still at least other 10 ahead. Maybe he would at least tell about the gangsters that are already dead. Or is it considered ratting all the same, like testifying against living ones?

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