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In your opinion, why didn't Di Maulo at least try to hit Vito when he returned from the USA? He surely knew he would be the priority as a target, since he was the only one of the 3 main "conspirators" still on the streets and free, therefore easy to kill, since Desjardins was already in prison and Montagna dead. If Vito died, maybe Di Maulo would have become boss at the end if some Rizzuto loyalists decided to "change loyalties" impressed by Vito's murder (if it had happened), at least trying is better than nothing. And, if he was so willing to die and had a "philosophical" approach towards "being sentenced to death by the boss", like Sonny Black decades ago in the USA, then why did he participate in the anti-Rizzuto "rebellion" in the first place? Di Maulo's actions before and after Vito's return seem to contradict one another, in the end he started acting out of character imo. In your opinion, what could be the reason? Even if he felt he had little chance, trying would have been better than nothing.

From what I remember Di Maulo was not one of the primary movers against the Rizzutos, he was older and obviously very wealthy and probably didn't want to go to war at that point in this life. I think that it was Montagna, Desjardins, and DeVito who were the main engines behind the war, Di Maulo was at most in an advisory role. Desjardins was his brother in law, so I think that he was in a tough spot. I also remember reading that he let Montagna and the Calabrians take a sports book that belonged to the Rizzutos and that obviously pissed Vito off. Maybe he told Vito "Hey, I was in a tough spot, I had you on the one hand and my brother in law on the other, what was I supposed to do? You are back and my brother in law is in jail, so I am fine with going back to the old status quo." He might have thought that that was enough, it is possible that Rizzuto even said "Ok, let's let bygones be bygones, all is forgiven." He was obviously very clever, maybe he told Di Maulo enough to make him believe that all was forgiven so that he would drop his guard and was easier to hit. It could have also been that he was older, had lived his whole life in Montreal, and did not think that there was anywhere that he could go. Maybe with all of the leaders of the anti-Rizzuto faction either dead or in jail, he thought that he did not have the muscle to make peace and that his only option, as much of a long shot as it was, was to try and re-establish a good relationship with Rizzuto.

A lot of things don't make sense to me, like how Tony Magi is still alive, even though it seems to be common knowledge that he set up Nick Rizzuto's murder. Also, where does Tony Mucci fit in, he was really close to Moreno Gallo and as far as I know the Rizzuto faction had no problem with him. Hopefully some day a cooperator is able to shine some light on where everyone stood and who was with who when the fighting broke out and then when Rizzuto came home.