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He did take some security measures when he was advised by an Italian speaking police officer that his life was endanger. He installed security camera's at his home and stopped going to Ed's Cafe and Tony sports bar where he used to play cards and have his coffee by the window. He confined himself to his home. He made the same mistake Rocco Violi did. The fate he gave to Rocco came back to haunt him at the end.

I understand....But still, living in a house with windows that big (if I remember well the descriptions) was like "Hey you, here I am, shoot at me!" At least he could get them covered with walls with only small windows left. With what he had there, the shooter probably didn't even need to be a skilled sniper to hit him. And imo, he should have ordered a preventive hit on Montagna at least (and on Desjardins and Di Maulo too, if he knew they were in it too).

By the way, is it known who the triggerman was in that case, who killed Nick Sr?

I agree with you he could of taken more precautions. Some of these mobsters become complacent over time.
No one was charged for the murder as far as I know. He had many enemies so it would be hard to pin point what clan it was. If you recall some of the clans against the Rizzuto's were many.