Still, Nick "reporting" to somebody, since the day he grabbed the power having Violi whacked.....The fact he didn't live to die a natural death already implies he wasn't one willing to step aside, otherwise there would have been no need to kill him. Even when Vito became boss, I never got it completely, the mafia is a patriarchal organization. If he wanted to retire for real and give the "throne" to Vito, ok that happens, but then why he got back in the life after Vito went away? But at the same time accepted a SECONDARY position, if you say he reported either to his own son or to Arcadi later? I would have honestly expected for Nick to continue to cling to the boss position until he was killed, although he must have gone senile in his last life period, since he didn't take any security measures even when it was clear he had become a target. He still continued to live in a house with big windows for everyone to watch and to shoot at him. No fortified mansion, no underground bunker or some unknown hideout, no armored cars and doubled number of bodyguards, nothing!

Well, I can understand if he thought nobody would dare to touch him who has been untouchable for decades, but then Di Maulo, who wasn't old enough to be senile, later acted in the same way: when Vito returned for revenge, instead of going on the run or doubling the defenses, and trying to kill Vito first, he just went around unprotected, as if resigned to his fate, while he had as good a chance to kill Vito as Vito had to kill him.

Really, the reasoning of some of those guys is a mystery to me.

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Willie Marfeo to Henry Tameleo:

1) "You people want a loaf of bread and you throw the crumbs back. Well, fuck you. I ain't closing down."

2) "Get out of here, old man. Go tell Raymond to go shit in his hat. We're not giving you anything."