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Arcadi was the acting leader of the Montreal Mafia after Vito Rizzuto was arrested in January 2004. Arcadi, Rizzuto, Nick Rizzuto Sr., Paolo Renda, and Rocco Sollecito seemed to have divided the tribute they received after Vito was arrested, and an argument could be made that the arrangement was the same before Vito went away. In my opinion, Arcadi might have ranked higher than Sollecito, even though all five were receiving an equal share of the tribute.

Do you mean Arcadi over-ranked Nick Rizzuto during that period? Strange though, are you sure it was possible? That Nick left Vito be in charge is already weird imo, but maybe he wanted to get a rest due to age....But, with Vito being taken off the streets, would Nick allow somebody who wasn't even a relative, to out-rank him?

Willie Marfeo to Henry Tameleo:

1) "You people want a loaf of bread and you throw the crumbs back. Well, fuck you. I ain't closing down."

2) "Get out of here, old man. Go tell Raymond to go shit in his hat. We're not giving you anything."