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Maybe the latest murder and the release of Arcadi are connected. Frank started as a Cotroni guy did he turn his back on the Sicilians?

Given how little is known about Antonio De Blasio, how do you know if he was on a side? if he was neutral? You posted this translation a couple of days ago:

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De Blasio had influential members of the mafia and street gangs among his relationships, according to our sources. It would have served as a link between street gangs and mafia clan leaders for the execution of several murders committed in recent years and whose victims did not always belong to the same groups.

The home invasion at Francesco Del Balso's residence (May 6) happened two days after Arcadi was released. Is there any significance? And if there is, does this mean Arcadi and Del Balso are on the same side or opposite sides?

Arcadi was the acting leader of the Montreal Mafia after Vito Rizzuto was arrested in January 2004. Arcadi, Rizzuto, Nick Rizzuto Sr., Paolo Renda, and Rocco Sollecito seemed to have divided the tribute they received after Vito was arrested, and an argument could be made that the arrangement was the same before Vito went away. In my opinion, Arcadi might have ranked higher than Sollecito, even though all five were receiving an equal share of the tribute.

Is an out-of-prison Arcadi valuable to an imprisoned Stefano Sollecito and Leonardo Rizzuto because they are all on the same side and because Arcadi can run things? Do Stefano and Leonardo acknowledge Arcadi's previous greater authority and his previous experience running the organization? Or are the first two worried about Arcadi's leadership style and consider him a liability?

Should anyone on any side of this war be worried about having Arcadi as the leader of their faction?