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Thanks Anti! That link about Del Balso showed me the first date I believe I've ever seen on Frank Arcadi being let back out. After Giordano was killed Del Balso and Arcadi went back behind bars and nothing else we heard until now unless I've missed a French article?

So Arcadi has been on the streets for 3 months now. Interesting.

We knew that Arcadi was released on May 4.Below is my post from May 13.

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Arcadi was released again--nine days ago.

"Libéré du pénitencier alors que sa tête est mise à prix"


What I find interesting about Del Balso is that in previous opportunities when he appeared before the parole board to argue for his release, he indicated his life would not be in danger. But yesterday he told the parole board that he knows someone wants to kill him. Did he mean he knows who wants to kill him? Or did he mean he became aware someone wants to kill him because of the home invasion that happened two days after Arcadi was released?