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For one, no way were they giving Desjardins the maximum because they reached a plea deal. You don't plea out to maximum penalties.

Exactly, that's why I think they shouldn't have made a plea deal, so they could have given the maximum.

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For two, there was not and will not be a chance that he flips either. He's just as hardcore as any Sicilian gangster can be.

Most likely you are right, but one can never know....Angelo Lonardo in Cleveland was grown in the mafia, his father was a mafia boss, he killed his first target at 18 years, was sentenced to life and later got off, became acting boss, was already old, who would think he would flip? Or Massino in New York, nobody expected him to, although Lonardo's example is more significant imo, he grew old in the mafia, usually at that age one doesn't "change directions" that suddenly. Desjardins isn't young either, and has served jail terms before, maybe, just MAYBE, he wouldn't have wanted to do another 25 and would have gotten tired after another 10 or 15.

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