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It's already for some time that they don't whack an important mafioso in Montreal (or even a soldier). Has the last stronghold of "mafia civilization" become "boring" like the rest? smile Not so long ago they were still at it like in the 50s at least, if not like in the 30s. Even in Sicily they keep more quiet today than they were in Montreal during Vito Rizzuto's absence, the Montagna-Desjardins-Di Maulo alliance cleaning the place from Rizzuto loyalists and later, when Vito came back, "the reverse cleaning" from the ones responsible for killing the Rizzuto group members. Even after Vito died, they were still continuing. But lately, nothing relevant, have they gotten bored? Or has somebody won the war finally so there is nobody to kill?

I still say they should have given Desjardins the maximum penalty, this was the only hope (even a slight one) that somebody who really knows much would give up information about who the "big players" are today. After Vito Rizzuto died, with Montagna and Di Maulo whacked and Desjardins in prison, we can't even make realistic allegations about who has been killing whom on whose orders and who is on top now, who has lost etc.....

For one, no way were they giving Desjardins the maximum because they reached a plea deal. You don't plea out to maximum penalties. For two, there was not and will not be a chance that he flips either. He's just as hardcore as any Sicilian gangster can be.

As for the killings, we have to realize that Arcadi, Del Balso, Rizzuto and others are in jail. Even Sollecito is battling jail and cancer so it's not like any of the top gangsters in Montreal are currently walking the streets.

And let's not forget Angelo Musitano was just hit when? Last month? That was pretty significant.