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So in the earlier part of this Project Cendrier investigation, law enforcement indicated cocaine headed for Montreal got there via Los Angeles and Houston--see http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/news/2016/7...pects-arrested. The Quebecers just arrested all seem to be French-Canadian.

From the article in the thread you started a few weeks ago about the cocaine trafficking ring that saw cocaine from California going to Ontario (http://www.gangsterbb.net/threads/ubbthr...0297#Post910297), we learned from the RCMP that traffickers shipping coke from the US to Ontario often use LA and Houston as distribution centres, "along major highways to Canadian land ports in Ontario, including Windsor, Sarnia and Sault Ste. Marie." The individuals arrested in the Waterloo Region in Ontario appeared to be a mix of Greek-Canadians, Serbian- or Croatian-Canadians, and some other ethnicities.

The cocaine trade in Canada is too big to be dominated by any one crime group. Yes, there are big players. But even the big players have not been able to reverse the direction of the flow of cocaine--the US is still a transshipment point for coke that is on its way to Canada. This is why I get so frustrated when control of the Port of Montreal is cited as a reason or even the reason for the mob war in Montreal. A mob war that, incidentally, may be far from over.

Phase 3 of Project Cendrier saw four more French-Canadians arrested today in relation to the investigation.



Link to RCMP news release from yesterday:

Project Cendrier: Alleged ring leader arrested