The following article shares more light into who is behind the recent murders.

The Montreal Police Service (SPVM) is asking for help from the public to find the suspect of the murder of a 28-year-old man committed 10 days ago in the parking lot of the Les Amazones dance bar located on the street Saint-Jacques, in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district of Montreal.

The SPVM describes the 36-year-old fugitive as a dangerous individual who could be armed. Silva is the subject of a pan-Canadian warrant, and the police ask citizens who see him not to intervene and contact 911.

Frederick Silva is suspected of having opened fire following an altercation between two groups that occurred around 2:40 am on the night of May 24, near the cabaret. A man, Daniel Armando Somoza Guildea, was hit by at least one shotgun bullet and became the victim of the tenth murder of the year in Montreal.

According to our information, Frederick Silva has worked for the clan of the mafia of Stefano Sollecito (Rizzuto), still considered by the police as the leader of the Sicilian faction of the Italian traditional organized crime in the metropolis. He may be involved in other crimes committed in Montreal in recent years.

According to our sources, the victim, Daniel Armando Somoza Guildea, was reported to have been a close associate of Mustapha Danach, a 30-year-old man linked to Lebanese organized crime and the mafia, murdered in his wife's apartment in the Borough of 'Anjou on May 26th.

Mustapha Danach was himself a close associate of Ali Awada, who was also linked to the Mafia and Lebanese organized crime, and was killed in the Montreal-North borough last January.

Danach was reported to have been in a Terrebonne restaurant from where the mafia clan chief Salvatore Scoppa came out when he was wounded by a bullet on one arm on 22 February.

Several individuals who seem to be linked in a restricted circle have therefore been victims of attacks since the beginning of the year in the Montreal area.

The evening of the murder at the cabaret Les Amazones, Silva fled the scene aboard a sport utility vehicle along with three other individuals. It was he who was driving and he would have headed west in the Rue Saint-Jacques.