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Del Balso was brought back to the penitentiary for violating his conditions. Having distanced himself from the Montreal mafia, he had already told the authorities that he was not afraid of being the target of a settlement of account like his ex-partner Lorenzo Giordano, shot in Laval on 1 March 2016.


Maybe he really is part of a breakaway faction from the Rizzutos.

I wouldn't come up with this theory--or the belief that Del Balso has left behind his life of crime--by basing it on a bad English translation by Google Translate.

What that part of the French-language article means is that Del Balso has made a claim on more than one occasion that he deserves to serve the rest of his sentence on the outside. So Del Balso has made the argument to the parole board that because he has decided to no longer be involved in organized crime, he isn't worried about being targeted the way Lorenzo Giordano was.

Recall, for example, when Montreal Mafia member Emanuele Ragusa once told the parole board that he planned to be a shopkeeper upon being released from prison.

Parole conditions for members of organized crime often stipulate no association with other members of organized crime (you may not even be able to have contact with members of your own blood family). I'm sure Del Balso has observed such strict conditions to some extent, but he also wanted to be immediately released from prison after Giordano was hit. And has already been noted by Sonny_Black, why would Del Balso remove his ankle bracelet if not to consort with people on the prohibited-contacts list?