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But isn't Mirarchi still in jail? I thought he was one of the defendants in the Montagna murder trial, as was Desjardins. Were the charges against him dropped or is he out on bail?

By the way, I still think they shouldn't have allowed Desjardins to plead guilty and get only 14 years. They should have tried getting him a life sentence or nothing. Not because I am sorry for Montagna or anything, it's just this was the only chance (although a small one) to get Desjardins to flip. I understand that it would have been unlikely anyway, he already did about 10 years for drugs (I think) and didn't talk, but with more decades behind bars, maybe he would have given up after waiting another 10 or 15 years. He isn't that young after all. This was the only chance to get at least some information about who is fighting whom, who is in charge in the Mafia in Canada now etc. Nobody else knows as much as Desjardins, among the ones who are still alive I think. All (or almost all?) of the older high ranking Mafiosi in Montreal who went through the major events, have been killed already, Vito Rizzuto died by himself, Mirarchi is too young to know things that happened when Desjardins was already active. The ones still around probably are mostly younger ones and/or former "secondary characters" who are "filling the void" left by all those whacked pro-Rizzuto and anti-Rizzuto faction members...

Last article I read about Mirarchi and others involved is that there is a possibility that they may get a stay in sentencing this means that they can be out in the near future. Desjardins may be a different matter because he pleaded guilty.