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Am I the only one who thinks that Andrew Scoppa start to physically look a little bit like Vito Rizzuto?

Daniel Renaud once stated that he was a man of honor or made member, but if he was under Gallo I doubt it. It seems that as of today the made member status in Montreal doesn't mean that much anymore, it certainly doesn't protect the person. I think that Giuseppe De Vito also wasn't a made member yet he was one of the biggest players.

I think it would be intriguing if certain individuals are still connected to New York. I think connections still make the difference for anyone who wants to assume the top spot. As of now that seems to be a potential death sentence. I very much doubt nobody wants to be the big boss, they just don't want to be marked, so they keep a low profile until the time is right.

About the physical appearance, Andrew looks more scarier than Vito. Remember, Andrew fought his way up the ranks from the streets. Vito was groomed and appointed.

If there is connections to NY, it would come from the Sicilian camp.
I agree with you, they want the boss job but not the spotlight; especially when a war is being waged.