I agree that drug traffickers have been trending to include people from different ethnicities but these individuals, to the best of my knowledge, do not control large territories as bikers, mafia or other major OC groups.I wouldn't be surprised to find out that each of these ethnicities have ties to major OC groups.
You do make a good observation about this ethnicity trend , maybe the major OC are adapting and are willing to do business with whomever is able to obtain their merchandise.
With regards to the port of Montreal, it as been for decades, controlled by the Montreal Irish mafia. The Irish mafia have always done business with both the bikers and the Mafia. Although in recent years the Irish mafia have been losing influence, it could be possible that the bikers/mafia may control it one day. I also agree with you that the port of Montreal is one of the many entry points where they can bring in their drugs.