Am I the only one who thinks that Andrew Scoppa start to physically look a little bit like Vito Rizzuto?

Daniel Renaud once stated that he was a man of honor or made member, but if he was under Gallo I doubt it. It seems that as of today the made member status in Montreal doesn't mean that much anymore, it certainly doesn't protect the person. I think that Giuseppe De Vito also wasn't a made member yet he was one of the biggest players.

I think it would be intriguing if certain individuals are still connected to New York. I think connections still make the difference for anyone who wants to assume the top spot. As of now that seems to be a potential death sentence. I very much doubt nobody wants to be the big boss, they just don't want to be marked, so they keep a low profile until the time is right.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."