If I had to guess I'd say [BadWord] is still with Rizzuto. These Sicilians have been very close for decades and their families were both targeted by the first coup. They share important history.

Di Marco was with De Vito but it's interesting that he was backing Giordano. This could mean that Giordano was usurping Sollecito's reign or that Di Marco and the De Vito group were still at peace with the Sicillians. Ofcourse Di Marco could have also been killed by his own group for supporting Giordano, who used to be a rival of De Vito. As always it could simply be a settlng of old scores or involving an unpaid debt, but the timing is intriguing.

What is clear is that Di Marco had drifted away from the Rizzuto group by aligning with the De Vito group years ago.

I think the situation seems to be even more ambiguous than back in 2011 with more factions at play. As of now it seems like all the different factions trying to gain ground for themselves instead of a collaborating effort like in 2010.

As for the Cotroni group, I suspect they are not necessarily the same group as Desjardins-Mirarchi but more than likely they are friendly at the least.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."