Dixie, I thought Del Baso was released in mid February. I can't find the article so maybe I'm wrong. I'll keep looking.

As for recent events. Like Sonny said, it's confusing. Very hard to tell where Dimarco stood, which means equally as hard to know where the hit came from.

What do we have?

1. Rizzuto/Sollecito group

2. Liborio C. group

3. Arcadi/Del Baso group

4. Scoppa's group

5. Desjardins/Mirarchi (Does Cotroni group fall in this group?)

6. De Vito group (what's left of it)

Every group has been weakened by either authorities and or war. So it could come down to a couple groups coming together.

Also, Some posters mentioned the story that said Dimarco and Liborio supported Giardano... I'm taking a total flyer on this one, so feel free to correct it, but could Dimarco (who was part of DeVito's group according to Daniel Renaud) have been representing the DeVito group? One thing that always sticks out for me is the chart of the Arcadi clan from project colisee which had not only DeVito, but many of his group as part/under Arcadi. If they were at one time under Arcadi, it could make sense that their support would go there. They would be way to weak to try and assume control on their own.

Also, is it just me, or does it seem that Liboria C has kept his group distanced from the Rizzuto/Sollecito group? it once seemed like a natural fit for a coalition, but there are several instances that sees them further apart than when Agostino was alive.

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