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It looks like this feud for now is starting to tip in favor of the Rizzuto clan. The Scoppa clan arrests are probably having an impact.

I think this is confusing. As Hollander stated, he was allegedly backing Giordano. In turn, it's unclear where Giordano stood in regard to Sollecito. This hit might have come from either of the warring factions. And how sure are we that it's Scoppa vs. Sollecito/Rizzuto?

Confusing I agree; but I am not so sure he was backing Giordano or Cun trera unless there is an article to that effect that I may have missed. The articles that I read is that he was in Devito's camp.

Le Journal de Montréal reported that before his death (also in March) Giordano had secured the support of several high-profile mafiosi. Among them were Liborio "Poncho" Cun trera and Nicola Di Marco.

Thanks,I missed that one.