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Two of them were tortured and cut into pieces, isn't that more cartel style?

El Tiempo newspaper reported that the body of Quebec City native Frederic Lavoie, 31, was found on May 12, 2014 in the town of Sabaneta, 300 km northwest of the capital, Bogota. His remains were found on a street inside four garbage bags that were leaking blood. He was among more than 100 people sought by provincial police in a massive anti-drug operation launched in 2012 against bikers, the Mafia and their associates.
Timoleon Psiharis, 29, was tortured, doused with acid and beaten to death in Greece in 2012.

It is amazing to what length they would go to kill these guys. Columbia, Greece and Toronto CA. Someone should make a movie about them.

I'm wondering how or why Rabih Al Khalil, one of the four suspects in the murder of John Raposo in Toronto in June 2012, avoided being killed while he was in Greece, as Al Khalil was there (still there?) after Psiharis was murdered--Al Khalil was finally captured in Greece in February 2013 because he faced numerous charges in Canada.

Mihale Leventis, the murdered Lavoie, Psiharis, and Al Khalil were considered four important ringleaders in Project Loquace. Leventis's brother Anastasios was killed this past Monday. So Mihale and Al Khalil are alive now only because they are in prison?

I didn't see Paul Cherry's article about Mihale Leventis that was published online this past Wednesday night--here's the link:

"Man charged in major drug bust can't leave jail to pay final respects to brother"

From the article:

Leventis is also fighting an extradition request from the U.S., where he has been indicted in a case filed at a U.S. District Court in New York, on charges alleging he smuggled large quantities of marijuana from Canada to American drug dealers. Leventis is also named, but not charged, in another major drug trafficking case heard in New Hampshire. In that case court documents allege he was the leader of a drug smuggling operation “responsible for the transportation of large quantities of marijuana into the United States by various methods, including 1,000-pound loads delivered by tractor trailers.” In some cases the marijuana was shipped to New Hampshire in black hockey equipment bags. According to an affidavit filed in the New Hampshire case, Leventis met one of the alleged co-conspirators in the case a while both were serving time at a New Hampshire state prison in 2005.

The next date to challenge the extradition request is set for April.