Organized crime: the drug trail leads the police to an arsenal

By investigating a drug trafficking network linked to Lebanese organized crime and the mafia, Montreal police investigators thought they would find drugs and money; But, to their surprise, they got their hands on a real arsenal of military-type weapons.

Investigators from the SPVM's Organized Crime Division (COD) would never have thought of making such a discovery by entering the housing of Nicolae Catalin Vinersar on René Laennec Boulevard in Laval on January 12th.

They grabbed a Colt M4A1 submachine gun - a version of the US Army's M-16 assault rifle - a 5.56-mm C-7A1 submachine gun - A Tec-9 submachine gun with high-capacity silencer and charger, an automatic rifle, three 9mm guns and 22 guns, firearm parts, telescopes, multi-caliber ammunition, knives, Cell phones and GPS devices.

Vinersar, 50, an individual with a military profile according to our information, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession of weapons. He has been detained since his arrest. Two others were arrested in the case: Olivian Dimitrescu, 43, who was also accused of drug trafficking and possession of arms, and 50-year-old Sophie Leduc, accused of drug trafficking. She was released pending further proceedings, for a bond of $ 20,000.


It information from sources and complaints from citizens that the investigators targeted a network of drug trafficking that operated in the borough of Montreal North. "The network was selling and distributing cocaine, marijuana and speed tablets on the street or making deliveries," said Commander Nicodemo Milano of the SPVM's Organized Crime Division.

In spinning one of the members of the network, the investigators noticed that meetings were taking place in a house on Henri-Bourassa Street East and observed for the first time Nicolae Catalin Vinersar. It was by taking an interest in the latter that they spotted his lodging and discovered the cache of weapons.

In three targeted housing units, the bloodhound found 1.7kg of cocaine, 27,000 methamphetamine tablets, three pounds of marijuana, 2kg of greyish paste, 11kg of crystalline white powder, Kilo and a counting machine.

According to our information, Vinersar, who has an almost virgin criminal record, has already been seen during events related to the Rizzuto clan of the Montreal mafia.

The dismantled network reportedly had links with a notorious Montreal mafia player and Ali Awada's group, killed in mid-January, sources said.

It seems that it was because the investigation was not over that the SPVM decided to mediate this seizure only yesterday, almost three months after the strike.

Investigators from the Shared Investigations Department of the Eastern Region of the SPVM and Laval Police participated in the investigation and searches.

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