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Le puissant mafieux décrit son comparse qui siège à ses côtés à la table de direction comme « une guimauve » et un homme « pas de couilles ». « Il n'a pas de colonne pour dire aux autres quoi faire », se plaint-il au criminaliste. Me Cavaliere l'ignore, mais son bureau est alors placé sur écoute par la police.

This paragraph above might be mentioning Sollecito, as it's been said numerous times that he lacked true leadership and influence within the milieu.

You are probably right about Sollecito, I remember reading a news article in the past, mentioning that other members of the table were not happy about his performance.
This latest article mentions that they were suspecting a mole, it never dawned on them that they were being taped.

You're referring to Stefano, not Rocco, right?

It might also be Leonardo Rizzuto, who went from being lawyer to mob boss and therefore may lack credentials in the eyes of the more experienced mafiosi.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."